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Natural Cork vs Plastic and Aluminum

There is currently a real move towards reducing the amount of plastic used in packaging, particularly in the food and drink industry around the world, especially in the UK; starting from the fact that we dump 8 million tonnes of plastic into the ocean every year Consumers are paying attention and there is a real need to find alternatives to plastic in our daily lives.

Natural cork for wine and other beverages is a great example of how consumers can easily and effortlessly reduce their use of plastic – The natural cork is one of the most eco-friendly products on the planet, yet many wine producers still use aluminum screw caps, fake plastic corks (often designed to look like real corks) or inferior (but not as good as natural corks) coalesced corks that contain about 30% polyurethane bonded non-biodegradable potion.

If consumers were more aware of their choice between natural cork and synthetic or semi-synthetic stoppers (such as agglomerated cork), you can’t help but feel a preference for natural cork. Of course, this comes with a price – natural wine corks may be more expensive, while aggregated or plastic corks may be less expensive. However, if armed with information about the environmental impact of plastics and aluminum, consumers should be more willing to make their own environmentally friendly choices.

The cork industry needs to be part of the debate about using more natural materials in packaging and encourage consumers to choose wine bottles sealed with natural cork by providing them with more information about natural cork.

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