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InfoCork: Turning cork into fashionable leather

The Alentejo in Portugal is a unique and inviting location. More than half of the cork produced in the world comes from Alentejo, Cork County, Portugal. Cork oak (Quercus Suber), native to Alentejo, is one of the most common tree species in Portugal. A cork oak must be at least 25 years old to produce cork. Cork oak can survive for up to two centuries. The outer bark is removed every 9 years as part of the bark removal process. Later, a new layer of bark was added to the hardy cork oak. Of the natural materials, cork is the most natural. Cork is completely biodegradable.

Cork Fabric & Leather

What is Cork leather made of?

Portuguese cork is processed at INFOCORK facilities in the South China plant. Typically, the cork bark is steamed, sifted, the finest sections selected, and then assembled into boards or cylinders. The rest is ground into granular cork.

The cork is sliced and peeled to obtain cork paper with a thickness of 0.2-10mm. This material is then sent to the next production line, where it is combined with environmentally friendly fabrics such as T/C, cotton, and linen to create the perfect leather. Granulated cork can be sold directly or made with eco-friendly resin and then cut or peeled to obtain cork paper or coils that range in thickness from 0.2mm to 10mm.

After being processed and refined for leather production, cork paper is typically blended with eco-friendly polyurethane. This blend of cork paper and polyurethane is coated with cotton or polyester canvas to create cork leather fabric.

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