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Professional Cork Products Manufacturer And Exporter


Dong Guan Colorich Co., Ltd. is a very professional manufacturer and exporter of cork leather fabrics and cork solutions. InfoCork was founded in 1998. Our products has been exported to Asia, Europe, American, Africa, etc….all the products are reputed and very high quality in the market.

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Professional Cork Fabric Manufacturer & Cork Bags Supplier

We’d like to develop new patterns of cork fabric every 3 months, and new style of cork bags every one month. OEM and ODM are welcomed, we will strictly follow your design and protect it.

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Pre-Sales Advice

We will give you positive advice on how to treat cork fabric and bags, tell you advantage and disadvantages.
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Follow Up Timely

During production, we will show you process through photos and videos, and timely reply to your questions within 24 hours.
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After-Sales Service

As a professional manufacturer, we will help you fix any problem regarding quality or shipping. We have 2 years guarantee.
Reduce Your Costs And Get A High Quality Product

What We Do For Our Customers

As the premier cork supply manufacturer, our optimised machinery and operational processes allow us to offer our customers high quality and customisable cork product solutions.
We offer complete manufacturing solutions, allowing you to focus on marketing and winning your customers’ business.

Raw Material Control

All of our cork products are made using high-quality Portuguese raw materials, including cork leather fabrics and other cork products.

Efficient Production

With over 20 years of experience in cork production and a production process that includes debarking, peeling, laminating, grinding, and shaping, we are equipped to quickly resolve any production issues.

World-Class Supply Chain

Yes, we are located in the largest industrial production location in the world, whether it is a 10mm button or a dozen tons of machinery, we can find it in this huge running machine in 24 hours.

More Affordable Labour

Our employees have a dedicated attitude and work ethic, and are often participants in the growth of the company with us. Efficiency, conscientiousness, and responsibility are our guiding principles.


The winners of the Best of APLF Awards (BOAA) March 2016 were announced during
BOAA Cocktail Party in the evening of 31 March 2016 during APLF fairs.
There were a total of 11 winners with 4 Fashion Access exhibits and 7 APLF – MM&T exhibits.
Among them, INFOCORK’s entry won the Best Natural Material award for giving cork a new, more contemporary fashion look with lacy cutouts,
or mixed with fabric to create an almost textile effect.

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Customers All Over The World

We visit our partner customers every time we go to an exhibition.

Reduce Your Costs And Get A High Quality Product

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INFOCORK has been in the business of producing and wholesale cork fabrics for over 20 years. We are changemakers who believe in real, actionable solutions to boost your business today!

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