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Take You To The Home Of The Cork Mosaic

Cork Mosaic Product advantages

Moisture resistance, moth resistance and sound insulation (improve sleep quality, fall asleep quickly, ensure deep sleep, and help maintain strong work energy).

Cork Mosaic

Light texture

high transportation safety, not easy to break, and low transportation cost.

Cork Mosaic 3 Take You To The Home Of The Cork Mosaic

Environmental protection

We use renewable oak cork, which has natural environmental protection.

Cork Mosaic 4 Take You To The Home Of The Cork Mosaic

Scope of application

living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dressing room, hotel, office, bar, KTV, coffee shop and other places.

Today’s mosaic decoration has not only stepped out of home decoration, but has also undergone earth-shaking changes in material, becoming a unique landscape in decoration, making modern homes bloom with gorgeous beauty.

Mosaic decoration is an important form of modern home decoration design. More and more people move mosaics to the walls of various places. Beautiful and very unique, it makes people look pleasing to the eye.

Cork mosaics originate from European royalty, allowing you to enjoy natural space.

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INFOCORK has over 20 years of expertise in core deep processing and extensive experience. It’s a manufacturer specializing in the production of cork products. It offers wholesale Cork paper products, eco-friendly fabrics, and wholesale natural fabrics. We are an eco-friendly fabric manufacturer.

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