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Infocork Confirms Participation In ACLE Shanghai 2019

Special News Special News, INFOCORK was invited to attend ACLE, and all new and old customers are welcome to watch. ACLE is the definitive and only international leather fair in China. Organized by the China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) and APLF Limited, ACLE is INFOCORK a premier event seeking opportunities in China’s huge markets.

Infocork Confirms Participation In Acle Shanghai 2019

Exhibition Time

September 3, 2019 – September 5, 2019

September 3 Exhibition time: 09:30–17:30 Welcome: E3 Hall C15D

September 4 Exhibition time: 09:00–17:30 Welcome: E3 Hall C15D

September 5 Exhibition time: 09:00–15:30 Welcome: E3 Hall C15D

Exhibitor Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center, No. 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Exhibition Overview

All China Leather Exhibition (ACLE, also known as Shanghai Leather Fair) is the definitive and only international leather fair in China. Organized by the China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) and APLF Limited, ACLE is the premier event for international companies seeking opportunities in China’s huge markets – the focus of the global leather industry. Since its inception in 1998, ACLE has welcomed hundreds of thousands of buyers from the main tannery and leather goods / shoe manufacturing provinces of Mainland China.

ACLE has proven to be the fastest growing leather fair in the context of China being the main growth area in the global leather industry, and the strong demand for leather from surrounding countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia. Indeed, China leather industry is leading the world in the following areas:

China produces most of the world’s leather, and has a huge demand for hides and skins, leather chemicals and leather machinery.

China is the undisputed leader in footwear exports with a market share of 40%, and leads the demand for footwear leather, footwear components and footwear manufacturing machines.

China is the largest car manufacturer, producing 30% of the world’s total cars, making it the largest importer of automotive and upholstery leather.

ACLE is the official leather exhibition co-organized by China’s leather ruling authority – CLIA together with its joint organiser, APLF Limited.

ACLE targets China’s tanning (upstream) sectors, which source raw hides and skins, semi-finished leather, leather chemicals and leather machinery to manufacture finished leather for use in domestic footwear, leather goods and automotive upholstery . International tanneries will also exhibit on this leather platform to promote their products to domestic footwear and automotive leather importers.

INFO CORK, as a representative of exhibitors in the cork industry, was invited to participate in this exhibition and attracted the attention of all parties involved. As a raw material for new leather materials, cork is favored by shoe and bag manufacturers, shoe and bag brands, and home decorators for its natural, environmentally friendly, sustainable, degradable, non-toxic and antibacterial, light and soft, wear-resistant and durable nature.

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